Hello, and welcome. If you’ve landed on this site, I hope my other blog directed you here, if not, here’s a short explanation about this site, and although I don’t contribute to it anymore, why it’s still up and running. A year ago I suffered a massive stroke, and spent three months in the hospital. Since my release I have been working at rehabilitation and trying to improve my quality of life. I am an amateur photographer, and enjoyed taking pictures that challenged my talents. The site you see here, is two years of work, and I am proud to display these works on this blog. I keep this running in hopes of recovering some use of my left hand, and adding to the site, as my health allows. Please feel free to browse this site, and if any of the pictures elicit a response, feel free to make comments. I check this site weekly, and would be pleased to hear from anyone viewing these. Currently, I am contributing to the Internet with a blog concerning the everyday trials of a stroke Victims recovery. Follow this link to take a look at what I’m doing  there. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a great day.


New Pentax Toy

Picture borrowed from Pentax Forums Lens Review

I recently picked up a Pentax 2X-S converter.  This little item doubles the range of my 55-300MM DAL Pentax lens and turns it into a 600MM monster zoom lens.  Their are a couple of issues with this converter, the first and  hardest to deal with is the loss of 2 full stops of exposure.  The second problem is loss of auto focus.  Although my KX will shoot in aperture priority with this converter, I quickly discovered it metered much more constantly in manual mode and made the two stop exposure adjustment with shutter speed.  Here’s a couple of test shots.  Let me know what you think.



ISO 1600

Shutter speed 1/320


F 7.1

ISO 1600

Shutter speed 1/80

Thanks for looking, and as always comments are welcome.