First let me apologise for not posting in a while.  Do to health issues I have decided to suspend posting indefinitely.  Many thanks for all the comments, and support, have a great day, and keep shooting.



Macro Caterpillar

I ran into this small guy on the back deck.  Not much to tell, he sat still and I took his picture.  Too bad I couldn’t get him to smile.



I love shooting in the vegetable garden.  Last night I finished watering and pulled out the camera to see if any insects were stirring, or new blossoms had opened when I looked down and saw this.  This is the leaves to my heritage yellow squash.  I don’t know if it was the light or the fact I had just watered, but the color was just stunning.  I don’t think I have ever seen a color quite so deep and rich, and the texture of the leaves emphasized and reflected the light reminding me of an emerald.  As always comments are welcome.


East Tennessee is in full bloom.  It’s been a great week to see some beautiful flowers and photograph them too.  As always comments and critiques are welcome.  Enjoy.