New Pentax Toy

Picture borrowed from Pentax Forums Lens Review

I recently picked up a Pentax 2X-S converter.  This little item doubles the range of my 55-300MM DAL Pentax lens and turns it into a 600MM monster zoom lens.  Their are a couple of issues with this converter, the first and  hardest to deal with is the loss of 2 full stops of exposure.  The second problem is loss of auto focus.  Although my KX will shoot in aperture priority with this converter, I quickly discovered it metered much more constantly in manual mode and made the two stop exposure adjustment with shutter speed.  Here’s a couple of test shots.  Let me know what you think.



ISO 1600

Shutter speed 1/320


F 7.1

ISO 1600

Shutter speed 1/80

Thanks for looking, and as always comments are welcome.

Tokina 35-105mm 1:3.5-4.3 Part 2

I got a chance to take this little lens into the field today and was impressed with it’s handling and sharpness.

I think this little fellow is a Carolina Wren.  I was lucky enough to catch him when he was distracted and sat still for a moment.

The usable focal length and the exceptional close focusing make this one of my favorite street lens.  Here’s some additional examples of close focus.

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A Walk in the Park

I received my Sigma 70-205MM lens last week and took a few minutes to take the dog for a walk and to try it out.  I’m pleased with the results considering it’s 40 years old.  Let me know what you think.

Sigma 70-205MM 3.8

@190MM 500th Sec.

5.6  100% crop

Sigma 70-205MM 3.8

@200mm 320th Sec.

7.1 100% crop

P.S.  I hope that poor rabbit sheds the rest of it’s hair and finds some sweet clover to fatten up on.  I found myself wishing I had some vegetables with me to throw in it’s direction.