Another Azelea

This shot was taken with the same amazing 50mm 1.4 Pentax lens.  M42 screw mount and adapted to a Pentax KX.


Soft Focus Azalea

Another shot from my 50 mm 1.4 Pentax lens.  Just a little sharpening and color balance preformed in Photoshop.  As always comment welcome.

So that’s what’s happening to my tomatoes

The last couple of weeks my heritage Amish Paste Tomatoes have been been disappearing.  I suspected a critter of some kind, but didn’t spot anything in the garden except a rabbit and a young Mocking Bird that decided he liked my grape tomatoes.  He would grab one, take it to his favorite perch, and eat it,  a behavior I have never witnessed before.  I immediately ruled him out (not big enough to carry the tomato away), and also ruled out the rabbit (to short to reach the tomatoes).  This only left one suspect, the squirrels that hang around the house.  My father told me that during times of drought squirrels would eat tomatoes to get water, but for the most part we have had more than enough rain.  They don’t seem to bother my other heirloom tomatoes,  just the Amish Paste.  I was wondering if anyone else has witnessed this, and why they are so fascinated with one specific type of tomato.