Test Shot

This is a test shot from an old/new to me, lens I received last week.  It came with an old school film camera that appears to be in operational shape.  I mounted it on the KX and this is what I got.  Not a bad lens for the price of lunch at McDonald’s.  As always comments and critiques are welcome.  Enjoy.


Blue Jay

I don’t like to take photos of birds.  In the last couple of years I have discovered it is an exercise in frustration.  Murphy’s law rules the day and either the focal length is too short, or the lighting is terrible, or the focus is off a fraction…..a million different things can and usually does go wrong.  I tip my photographic hat to all the people out there that make a living doing this.  With that being said, I’m still at it.  Here is my latest addition to the bird photography world.  Not the best shot in my portfolio (the focal length of my lens was too short…LOL) but not so bad I wanted to trash it.  Anyway, enjoy, and comments are always welcome.